The Sacred Art Of Henna Painting...

What is Mehndi?

Mehndi is the Indian word for Henna, a plant whose dried leaves are made into a paste and applied to the body in intricate patterns and designs creating a temporary tattoo, usually reddish brown to deep orange in color and lasting up to several weeks. Traditionally done on the hands, feet and other parts of the body, henna painting is absolutely painless and in no way harmful to the skin. In fact, it is said to condition the skin as it beautifies the body.

The art of Mehndi has been practiced exclusively by women, who decorate their bodies with beautiful motifs and ancient symbols that have faithfully been passed down through generations for over five thousand years.The most common custom for Mehndi is the wedding ritual, where the bride is elaborately painted and does not touch any housework until the henna designs have completely faded. From the deserts of North Africa to the villages of India, henna body adornments are used to celebrate sacred events and rites of passage, inviting grace and good fortune into one's home, marriage, and family. It is a way of connecting to the mystery of our ancestors through a time-honored tradition.

Mehndi Gatherings

Henna parties are memorable, intimate, joyful, and full of creative energy. They are a wonderful way to celebrate and bring people together. Perfect for birthdays, bridal showers, pregnancy and birth, weddings, coming of age, pajama parties, women's gatherings and group henna parties.

Mehndi Rates

Mehndi Parties start at $95 per hour
(maximum of 10 individual designs per hour)

Bridal Mehndi is $125 in all (hands or feet)

Baby Bump Mehndi is $85

Please, call or email for individual quotes.

A variety of design books are provided to look through and use as a resource to get an idea of the style that the client prefers. Personalized designs and motifs will be created unless a specific design is desired.